Art and Objects Inc.


We are devoted to the world of art and your place in it.


Art and Objects inc. is an art production studio

and consulting firm based in toronto. 

We create and procure artworks that will enhance your contemporary spaces. 


Art and Objects Inc. is an art production studio and consulting firm based in Toronto. We offer turnkey professional services and have years of experience managing art programs for hospitality projects internationally.

This includes designing and creating original artworks and objects in house as well as acquiring original work from artists and galleries all over the world.





teresa aversa /principal

Teresa Aversa is a Contemporary Artist and Art Consultant based in Toronto, Canada. She received her BA in Criticism and Curatorial Practice (2009) from the Ontario College of Art and Design. She is a classically trained artist with in-depth knowledge of fabrication and various materials, contemporary art and art history. Having cut her teeth in many artist studios and refining her business knowledge in art consulting firms, non-profit and commercial gallery settings, she has a diverse range of experience in envisioning, producing and executing projects of varying sizes and budgets. Teresa founded Art and Objects Inc. in 2012 in order to combine her diverse studio practice with her business skills, offering private clients, interiors designers and the hospitality industry a bespoke art experience and unique insight into the world of art and design.